20 Best New #Portfolio #Sites, June 2017 | #Webdesigner #Depot

Welcome readers, itโ€™s June, and the Brutalism bug is back. No, really. After disappearing into the phenomenon I called โ€œpost-minimalismโ€, plain old Brutalism seems to be making a comeback. Oh, itโ€™s had a few refinements; good designers would never let their brutalist sites actually look bad. But the underpinnings of the style are definitely there, and present in more than a few of this monthโ€™s entries. Beyond that, itโ€™s a fairly varied assortment of portfolios for you all to dig into. Enjoy. UI Viking Our first entry this month is actually from a designer weโ€™ve featured before, only heโ€™s gone and redesigned his portfolio. The inimitable UI Viking brings us a star-studded design thatโ€™s just plain loaded with color, personality, and illustrations of a badass viking. In space. In true commitment to the joke, things like “continue reading” buttons on the blog say “Kill This Post” instead. The contact form says, โ€œODIN OWNS YOU ALL! Iโ€™ll respond you ASAP… between robberies and lootings.โ€

Source: 20 Best New Portfolio Sites, June 2017 | Webdesigner Depot


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