June 10, 2017 at 09:04PM

This is a #Chrome #App that extends the built in File Manager to be able to
support connecting to SMB file shares.

The #NaCl port is currently #patched from #Samba 4.1.22.


1) Download the NaCl SDK and unzip it as directed.

2) Update the SDK and get the pepper_50 version.
cd nacl_sdk
./naclsdk update
./naclsdk update pepper_50
export NACL_SDK_ROOT=/path/to/nacl_sdk/pepper_50

3) Get depot_tools and gclient.
git clone http://ift.tt/1nTElnW

4) Put depot_tools on the path (or put it in your .bashrc)

5) Get WebPorts (aka NaCl Ports).
mkdir webports
cd webports
gclient config –name=src http://ift.tt/2spKVxR
gclient sync

6) Install a missing dependency from the NaCl SDK.
sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-0:i386

7) Build Samba.
cd webports/src
./make_all.sh samba F=1 V=1

8) Get the App code.
git clone http://ift.tt/1TxbfOV

9) Install bower.

sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node
sudo apt-get install npm
sudo npm install -g bower

10) Get the bower dependencies.
cd chromeos_network_file_share/app
bower install

11) Install Vulcanize and Crisper.
sudo npm install -g vulcanize
sudo npm install -g crisper

12) Setup build environment
# Set NACL_SDK_ROOT if not done above

13) Finally you can build!
cd chromeos_network_file_share

Arm Nacl_IO Bug

There is currently a bug that causes a crash on ARM Release builds. Until the
bug is fixed the workaround is to build libnacl_io.so with optimizations turned
off. If you don’t do this extra step prior to building the app the ARM build
will crash.

Before building the app edit $NACL_SDK_ROOT/src/nacl_io/Makefile and add
the following after the line ‘CFLAGS += -DNACL_IO_LOGGING=0’

ifeq ($(NACL_ARCH), arm)

// then rebuild nacl_io
cd $NACL_SDK_ROOT/src/nacl_io/
make V=1 CONFIG=Release TOOLCHAIN=glibc NACL_ARCH=arm

That will rebuild libnacl_io.so with optimization disabled. Then rebuild the

Nacl SDK

# Update SDK (currently using pepper_canary).
./naclsdk update pepper_canary –force

Building The App/Extension

# Setup environment
export NACL_SDK_ROOT=/path/to/your/nacl/sdk

# Build

# Package


In file included from nacl_fsp.cc:24:
./SambaFsp.h:20:10: fatal error: ‘samba/libsmbclient.h’ file not found
#include “samba/libsmbclient.h”

If you see this error follow the steps above for ‘S
barkinet/chromeos_network_file_share: Access network file shares directly from the Chrome OS files app.

via http://ift.tt/2soZwde


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